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Rated: 9.8 out of 10
by CelluliteTreatment.org

Anti-cellulite cream revitashape

Probably the most advanced cellulite cream on the market today, RevitaShape works with both the causes and effects of cellulite to provide the most comprehensive solution for cellulite available. RevitaShape combines tried-and-true natural ingredients such as caffeine and seaweed with the latest science to actually dissolve stored fat and carry it away.

In a clinical trial, RevitaShape decreased cellulite by 24.4% in 4 weeks and by as much as 90% in 8 weeks.

RevitaShape Ingredients

RevitaShape offers a unique combination of the most effective anti-cellulite ingredients known. Together, these ingredients work to increase circulation, drain fluids and activate lipolysis, the breakdown of stored fat. Another great thing is that RevitaShape does not contain aminophylline, a harsh chemical used to treat asthma. While some cellulite cream manufacturers claim aminophylline reduces cellulite, this is not proven by substantial research. Among RevitaShape's many key ingredients are:

  • Bupleurum Falcatum: activates lipolysis, shrinking fat cells
  • Glaucine: prevents new fat cells from developing
  • Coenzyme-A: dissolves fat
  • Centella Asiatica Extract: a Chinese herb that helps restore the skin's elasticity
  • Caffeine and algae: drain trapped fluids from the deep tissues of the skin.

How to Use RevitaShape

RevitaShape should be applied morning in night to clean dry skin. They recommend that you take a few minutes to gently massage the cream into your skin to increase its efficacy.


  • Is clinically tested
  • Results achieved very quickly
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Has no side effects
  • Shrinks fat cells
  • Drains fluids
  • Increases circulation
  • Has testimonials
  • Packages available
  • Comes with a money back guarantee


  • We can't think of any!

Discount RevitaShape

Currently, RevitaShape is offering a free trial, which lets you try it for two weeks before you pay for it. Learn more.

Regularly, one 6 oz. bottle of RevitaShape costs $89.95, but if you buy 3 bottles, you get one free, which discounts RevitaShape to $73.76 per bottle.

RevitaShape: Our Evaluation

We've been waiting for a product like RevitaShape to come along. Too many cellulite creams only mask cellulite by plumping the skin cells or by draining trapped fluids, which is a temporary solution at best. RevitaShape offers a comprehensive solution to the problem of cellulite by treating its causes and effects. We can say with confidence: this product will not disappoint. Visit www.TryRevitaShape.com.

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