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Cellulite is an issue that every woman, thin or fit, is faced with. These torn areas of connective tissue where pockets of subcutaneous fat manifest as dimpled skin that can appear anywhere below the waist, and are considered unsightly by most people. There are many products and treatments, from creams to plastic surgery, available on the market today that claim to help reduce or eliminate cellulite. Dermology Cellulite Solution is one such treatment that has been found to be effective in treating cellulite. Its natural ingredients help firm the skin and reduce the appearance of those unpleasant lumps.

Dermology Cellulite Solution Benefits

Dermology Cellulite Solution uses natural ingredients to stimulate circulation, which firms up the connective tissue and loosens the pockets of fat to create a smoother -looking skin surface. It is simple to use, applied as a topical rub on the problem areas, delivering the effective ingredients directly to the places where treatment is needed. This allows for the fastest possible results. Dermology Cellulite Solution is easily absorbed, effective for both men and women, residue and odor free, and produces visible results in several weeks.


Dermology Cellulite SolutionThe primary active ingredients in Dermology Cellulite Solution are Caffeine and Retinol A, natural elements that are both effective and safe. Caffeine is the most important part of Dermology Cellulite Solution. Caffeine diminishes the appearance of cellulite by acting as a stimulant and a "vasodilator": widens blood vessels and capillaries in the application area, and stimulates the flow of blood, flushing fat from the pockets. Retinol A has been found to be an effective skin treatment as a treatment to reduce cellulite. Retinol A is an extract of vitamin A, boosts elasticity, and encourages the repair of old tissues and the creation of new ones. Retinol A penetrates deep into problem areas and helps the body produce more collagen, which can repair the connective tissues injured by cellulite and make the skin appear smoother.

Directions and Warnings

Dermology Cellulite Solution is easy to use: the client simply applies the cream by rubbing it on the skin 3-4 times per day to begin seeing results in only a few weeks. Many customers report dramatic improvement in the appearance of cellulite in 30 days! Not all of the ingredients of Dermology Cellulite Solution are listed on the website or the product, so the client can't be certain exactly what they are putting on their skin. Dermatologists always recommend using an over-the-counter topical skin product on a small area to test for reaction before using it on the larger cellulite trouble zone. If any rash or other reaction develops, cease use immediately. While Retinol A has been found safe for general use, there are some common side effects. These include skin redness, peeling, irritation, sensitivity to sunlight, stinging, and even nausea and muscle pain. It is recommended that Retinol A users avoid exposure to sunlight and tanning booths, and avoid use doing pregnancy, as some studies have shown negative effects from excessive exposure to the additive.

In Depth Dermology Cellulite Solution Review

Many customers of Dermology Cellulite Solution report being pleased with the results of this product. While there is a dearth of scientific studies, there is a plethora of anecdotal evidence that demonstrate Dermology Cellulite Solution's effectiveness.

Customers who buy Dermology Cellulite Solution report quick results, profound improvement of cellulite issues that have been resistant to other treatments, and general positive responses to the treatment, especially for the price as compared to extensive long-term topical therapies and surgical solutions.

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