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Cellulean is a popular cellulite cream which was made famous by its appearance on ABC Channel 7 News. The Cellulean claim that users lost up to 2 inches in fat further put this product in the lime light.

So is Cellulean the miracle cellulite treatment we've been waiting for or is it just like the rest? Learn more about Cellulean.

What is Cellulean?

Cellulean is a cellulite cream which is applied topically to the body and works to dissolve fat on contact. The product claims to reduce up to 2 inches of fat within a month. People using Cellulean notice slimmer firmer hips and thighs.

Cellulean is made for daily use and no prescription is required. Makers of Cellulean note that Cellulean alone won't eliminate cellulite; they recommend regular exercise and diet along with the treatment.

How does Cellulean work?

Cellulean cellulite creamCellulean's key ingredient is aminophylline, a recognized medication to treat asthma. Aminophylline when used topically works to shrink fat cells by causing them to release lipid fat particles. Other powerful ingredients in Cellulean are caffeine, forskolin, yohimbe, Vitamin A and E.

Caffeine is probably the second most effective ingredient in treating cellulite next to aminophylline. Caffeine works by naturally causing fat cells to dehydrate and dissolve under the skin. Forskolin and yohimbe also aid in shrinking fat cells. Vitamins A and E further work to firm and tone skin by rejuvenating and moisturizing skin.

Is Cellulean one of a kind?

Absolutely not. Although Cellulean seems to be a one of a kind cellulite treatment the fact is it's just like the rest. The two main ingredients in Cellulean which have been tested to positively reduce cellulite is caffeine and aminophylline.

These two ingredients are the foundation for most cellulite creams available today. Therefore Cellulean works no different than most cellulite creams you have tried.

Is Cellulean worth it?

I say no. The price is expensive, about $60.00 for one bottle and the ingredients prove you can obtain the same results with a different less expensive product. Stick with the facts and don't be sold by the name.

All you need to know is that caffeine and aminophylline are must have ingredients in cellulite creams. Since most cellulite creams have these ingredients you can find an effective reasonably priced cellulite cream other than Cellulean.

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