Celluvera Review

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Celluvera is a cream that is formulated to reduce the appearance of cellulite and rejuvenate the skin. The ingredients claim to reduce cellulite and smooth the skin over the course of a few weeks. Their claim is that it works in two weeks. Other products may take up to two months to work. It's unlikely that it works in a short period of time, but it may be possible that it works over the course of several weeks.

Celluvera Benefits 

Celluvera claims to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite. This is also known as orange-peel skin. The skin feels softer to the touch and firmer after using a tube of Celluvera for at least two weeks. It also prevents cellulite from coming back, and it has long-lasting results. It is suitable for all skin types. It is even safe to use on delicate skin. 

Celluvera ingredients

Derma-smooth-PS is the proprietary ingredient used in Celluvera. It's made of coco-glucoside, glycerin and elderberry extract. These ingredients create a rich cream that heals and smooths the skin. There are some parabens and sketchy ingredients in the cream. If you care about that sort of thing, then this product is not for you.

Celluvera In-depth Review

Celluvera penetrates deeply into the skin to deliver potent ingredients that change how your skin feels. Each application will gradually improve your skin quality and the texture of it. When you apply Celluvera, you use a generous amount on the areas that you want to improve. Using it on your entire body is recommended, but some areas will not need a cellulite treatment. 

Each bottle is five ounces.

The fragrance and texture of the cream is pleasant. Some cellulite creams smell terrible, but this one is lightly scented and does not interfere with other products that you may use. Each application is an enjoyable experience since it absorbs quickly. Other products can be sticky and uncomfortable to apply. A cellulite cream isn't any good if you don't enjoy applying it to your skin.

Application is an easy process. It is recommended that you scrub and smooth the skin prior to applying Celluvera. This will allow the cream to penetrate deeply into the surface of your skin. This can also be a bit of a hassle to do on a regular basis. If you are busy, you may find yourself skipping the scrubbing step.

Celluvera feels good on first application. It's creamy and absorbs quickly. Regular applications are required when using Celluvera. It may be tedious to stick with a daily regimen of applying the cream after every shower. If you stick with it, you will see more benefits over the course of your treatment. After two weeks, some improvements were noticed: fewer signs of cellulite and firmer skin. 

Changes came slowly. It was a little disappointing that they didn't happen in two weeks like the package claimed. After a few weeks of regular applications, there was a definite improvement in cellulite appearance. It did take longer than two weeks. The total time it took to see better results was upwards of six to eight weeks. Cellulite wasn't gone completely, but some changes were noticeable.

Our advice is to continue to look for a product that will produce longer lasting, if not permanent, results and is truly all natural. See which cellulite cream we rated # 1.

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