Finulite Cellulite Solution Review

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Unlike other cellulite creams, Finulite claims to work in two ways. FinuliteAM helps drain excess fluids and get rid of toxins. It acts directly on the cause of cellulite formation. After detoxification, FinulitePM helps the skin produce elastin and collagen. These polypeptides are responsible for the skin’s firmness and elasticity. Additionally, these creams stop fat absorption from fat cells. As a result, the skin becomes more toned thereby reducing the bulges and dimpling. Finulite’s benefits include detoxification and rejuvenation.

Finulite AM Ingredients

  • Finulite AM for celluliteMethylsilanol activates lipolysis. It is a silicon derivative that does not show any adverse side effects according to studies.
  • Cyclic amp helps regulate metabolism and hormone release.
  • Theophylline alginate comes from natural green tea extract. It does not contain any toxic chemicals that may have undesirable effects on humans.
  • Citrus medica limonum, grapefruit extract and paullina cupana seed extract are all antioxidants.
  • Coffee arabica extract contains antioxidant properties.

Finulite PM Ingredients

  • Centella asiatica helps improve circulation and skin elasticity.
  • Lavender oil has diuretic and antiseptic properties that help make the skin more toned and smoother.
  • Ruscus aculeatus root extract also helps skin maintain its elasticity.
  • Rosemary oil stimulates skin cell renewal and makes the skin look younger.
  • Lemon oil has astringent and detoxifying properties.
  • Tocopheryl acetate is another form of vitamin A. According to studies, this ingredient can cause allergies. Animal studies also show some tumor formation at high doses.
  • Vitamin A palmitate helps increase collagen production. However, the Environmental Working Group has some concerns over its use. This ingredient is found to increase the risk of developing skin cancer with sun exposure.

Directions and Warnings

FinulitePM contains synthetic versions of vitamin A. These chemicals were linked to tumor formation and cancer development. This is especially true when used in high doses.

In addition, tocopheryl acetate may cause allergic reactions. It is important that users do a skin test before applying it to the whole body. It is also essential that users follow the instructions for application accurately. The two synthetic chemicals are only found in FinulitePM. The maker puts them there because they should be used only at night. This saves the users from direct exposure to sunlight that may aggravate adverse reactions.

Does Finulite Work?

Unfortunately, there are two ingredients that are found to cause cancer in Finulite PM. Even without the excessive sun exposure, the skin still absorbs these ingredients and carries them with blood circulation.  For this reason, we do not recommend Finulite PM.

Just like the other cellulite creams, Finulite AM does not give results overnight. Women have to use it regularly in order to achieve results. Additionally, they have to take extra precautions when using the product due to the possible hypersensitivity reactions.  To find better solutions, visit the Cellulite Cream Reviews chart.

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