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The Dermitage Firm & Tone Cellulite System is marketed as a two-step program for firming skin plagued by cellulite. The system includes two components: the Cellulite Control Soap and the Cellulite Control Gel.

Dermitage Firm & Tone Ingredients

Dermitage cellulite controlThe Cellulite Control Soap contains natural caffeine and claims to use a sustained release technology known as MultiSal which ensures maximum penetration of active ingredients. The Cellulite Control Gel boasts natural caffeine, L-carnitine, soy isoflavones, spirulina and catuaba as its effective ingredients.

Using Dermitage Firm & Tone Cellulite Control System

  • Cellulite Control Soap – Wash daily with the soap. Gently massage stomach, buttocks and thighs with the nubby side of the bar.
  • Cellulite Control Gel – After washing with the Cellulite Control Soap, place a quarter-sized amount of the Cellulite Control Gel into the palm of your hand. Gently massage into the skin. Use once daily on problem areas.

Dermitage Pros

  • Uses caffeine to stimulate the release of excess water and stored toxins
  • Unique shape of soap massages skin and improves circulation
  • Contains L-Carnitine

Dermitage Cons

  • No clinical tests
  • Website is void of testimonials and/or test results
  • Too many synthetic ingredients


An 8 oz. tube of the Cellulite Control Gel is available online for $89.95. The retail price of the Cellulite Control Soap is not available but it is offered in the form of a 4 oz. bar.

Dermitage Firm & Tone Cellulite Control System: Our Evaluation

The Dermitage Firm & Tone Cellulite Control System is still fairly new to the market, so the novelty hasn’t quite faded. Dermitage’s web site leaves much to be desired concerning the effectiveness of this system. Perhaps some customer testimonials and/or results of tests run with other leading cellulite products would make the Dermitage Firm & Tone Cellulite System a more attractive offering. As it stands, though, we’re a bit skeptical.

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